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Featured Press Releases

The Signing and Opening Ceremony of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd.-Micromeritics Co-Laboratory6/16/2017
Micromeritics and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology open Laboratory in Beijing6/12/2017
Micromeritics China Holds Battery Seminar in Shenzhan6/06/2017
The Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments Has Recognized Micromeritics GeoPyc 1365 Envelope Density Analyzer as One of the Best New Instruments in 20175/01/2017
Micromeritics introduces the GeoPyc 1365, Envelope and TAP Density Analyzer, with intelligent touch-screen technology10/27/2016
Particulate Systems Introduces High-Definition Product Characterization with NanoPlus HD -Zeta Potential and Nano Particle Size Analyzer6/07/2016
Micromeritics Extends the Application Utility of their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of Products with the addition of the new TCD option5/27/2016
Micromeritics Partners with Professor Cooper Ph.D. in his Pursuit to Discover New Materials to Reduce CO2 Emissions5/25/2016
UPM Pharmaceuticals Chooses the Saturn II for In-Process Testing4/13/2016
Micromeritics Announces Instrument Grant to the University of the Basque Country4/06/2016

Featured Event Listings

Spring seminar "Material Characterization" - Germany4/26/2017  - 4/27/2017
COPS XI - FRANCE5/14/2017  - 5/17/2017
Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2017 - GERMANY5/22/2017  - 5/24/2017
GECAT 2017 - FRANCE5/26/2017  - 6/01/2017
NAM256/04/2017  - 6/09/2017
ISMEC 2017 - FRANCE6/11/2017  - 6/15/2017
LabDays 2017 - DENMARK9/20/2017  - 9/21/2017
POWTECH 2017 - GERMANY9/26/2017  - 9/28/2017
CESEP 2017 - FRANCE10/23/2017  - 10/26/2017
AAPS 201711/12/2017  - 11/15/2017