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Particulate Systems Introduces the NanoPlus HD

Particulate Systems Introduces High-Definition Product Characterization with NanoPlus HD -Zeta Potential and Nano Particle Size Analyzer - 6/07/2016

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NanoPlus HD »
With the next evolution of the precise science that brought you NanoPlus, the NanoPlus HD breaks down barriers to overcome the unknown and discover more about your products than ever before by reaching deeper into acquired data. Expanded analysis increases yield, process optimization and accuracy for high confidence results.
Know More 
  • High definition analysis with over 70mW lasers finds small volume aggregates in mixtures
  • Learn more and save time with the ability to measure within the entire dynamic range of the NanoPlus HD in a single analysis 

Optimize Understanding

  • Improved sensitivity for increased raw data quality advances results accuracy 
  • Generate customized 3D plots to track changes, compare lots or see pH affects. Use acquired data to positively impact your continual process improvement initiatives 

Remove Variables 

  • Exceptional multi-point electrophoretic mobility detection eliminates EOF affects 
  • road range of temperature controls secures sample integrity with protein and biological samples, keep sample bioactivity intact.
    For more information visit www.particulatesystems.com/nanoplus